Second floor clean workshop design drawing
Design purposes:mainly for agricultural workshop plan, which can reduce logistics costs, packaging workshop neat and free of debris.
Second floor clean workshop design drawing.jpg 
Layout:Design Workshop by two floors, the second floor is mainly used for packaging materials warehouse, plus bottles, stamped, automatic box and feeding. The main floor has a workshop office and packaging lines.
Advantages:Most pesticide companies at home and abroad are packing material carton and packaging lines in the same workshop, this workshop will be very messy significantly difficult to manage and easy to cause the accident. Using two-story shop design, packaging materials and packaging lines separately, both beautiful and simple so that the workshop can improve efficiency. The original five lines if you need three people plus a bottle, now need only one person. If you need five people had stamped, now need only one person which can save the operational cost for the enterprise.
Second floor clean workshop design drawing.jpg