Glass bottle production design drawing
Glass bottle production design drawing.jpg 
Note: Due to the fragile glass, bottle size gap and other reasons, it led to a lot of bottlenecks encountered in the packaging process.
Recommendation: when customers are choosing a glass bottle packaging line, it is better to choose rotary filling lines.
1. due to the large size difference of bottles, when using long straight rows of filling lines, resulting in cumulative errors which often lead to the filling outside of the bottle. Rotary bottle filling machine is a single continuous taking the bottle of single-head way, no cumulative error.
2. Rotary bottle filling line is continuous work, there is no waiting time, so yield much faster than inline.
3. the current rotating filling machines has high degree of automation, and is not the same as the old-fashioned rotary cup filling machine. Measurement adjustments are controlled by computer, so very convenient.