First floor workshop design drawing
Designed purpose:This design is mainly for enterprise with narrow space, product variety and without a lot of inventory.
First floor workshop design2.jpg

First floor workshop design2.jpg  

Layout: The whole workshop trend from west to east. The main entrance of workshop is on the west side, the north ingredients into the workshop after workshop, workshop office in the south. Further east sides are packaging line. Packaging material loads from the west side of packaging line, the finished product unload from the east side. Northeast corner is the bag charter area, the southeast corner of the warehouse.
Advantages: steel structure workshop can be used to build, short construction period, low cost, Workshop compact and beautiful.
Efficiency: According to the graph you can easily put four lines and four bottled automatic level bags charter which can achieve highly automated assembly line, the bottle uploading - Filling - Capping - superstructure - aluminum foil sealing - Coding - Labeling - open box - packing - carton - packaged, each line requires just 4-5 people easy to operate, the yield can be achieved ≥ 7000 bottles / hour (taking 200ml for example)

First floor workshop design3.jpg