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200L Filling Machine

This 200L Filling Machine is mainly designed intelligently to 100-300kgs liquid barrel packing system, the filling main parts use stainless steel environmental frame, tempered glass door.

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Product Details

Product Name: 200L filling machine

Application: The equipment is suitable for the accurate quantification of liquid materials such as medicine, food and chemical raw materials.

Brief Introduction
The liquid filling machine is a highly automated packaging device whose main function is to automatically fill the liquid material into a predetermined set weight. It can effectively prevent material spillage during the filling process, and prevent the pollution of the material itself to the greatest extent, thereby effectively protecting the operator. The system works stably and reliably, with simple operation and accurate filling. The filling machine is mainly composed of a gun filling device, a PLC system control part, a weighing system, a filling stand, and a conveying device.

Main Technical Data

1.Main machine size(Length*Width*Height):2000*2300*3000mm
2.Container filling head diameter:≥50mm(Nozzle can be made according to the barrel head)
3.Container diameter:∅500mm~∅700mm(Special barrel can be mace)
4.Filling accuracy:≤ +-0.1%
5.Filling machine production power:2.5KW
6.Prepared air source:0.5MPa clean steady air
7.Weight : About 1600kgs
8.Power:AC380V 50HZ Three Phase no limitation
9.Filling head: Two heads
10.Production capacity:≥70 barrels/hour
11.Working environment temperature:-10℃ -- 50℃
12.Working environment related moisture:<95% (No Condensation)
13.Material nozzle:Standard flange,material inlet pressure less to 0.3MPa

The main function:

◆The system adopts PLC programmable controller control, photoelectric switch positioning, fully automatic operation;

◆Professional grade gun, overall process production, to prevent dripping, anti-splash; quick connector, easy to remove and wash;

◆Shrinking gun quick operation start/emergency stop, gun height adjustable, suitable for filling in various packaging barrels;

◆It is equipped with double ball valve group and gun filling large, small and small three-stage filling to match perfectly, filling accurately and quickly;

◆Net weight/gross weight, automatic/manual filling method freely selected;

◆Automatic peeling, intelligent foolproof, fault detection, instant display of equipment information, intelligent and efficient;

◆Good filling stability, reduce loss, save cost, improve work efficiency and product qualification rate.

Operating procedures:

◆ Manually place the empty bucket in the empty bucket area and automatically transfer it to the filling scale platform;

◆The gun is automatically inserted into the barrel mouth, and the empty barrel is automatically peeled, the system opens the ball valve, and the precision three-stage filling;

◆At the end of filling, the gun is automatically raised to the outside of the barrel, and the drip tray is automatically connected to the bottom of the gun, and the filling is completed;

◆ The system automatically delivers to the temporary storage area and manually locks the cover.